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Stock Market Best-Kept Secrets: November 2021

Another chart sometimes applied is described as a candlestick chart. As the above chart indicates, the lead time from the time this signal was triggered to the start of the recession was over a year. Further, in 10 of those 11 times (1957 being the noteworthy exception), the number was not just negative, but was continuing to decline for a significant period before we tipped into recession. That’s 11 of 11 times. Worse than being in full swing, they were usually way over capacity. If Healthcare and Biotech are indeed the new leaders of this market cycle, then we need more excesses to build before this bull run is over. You can continue to add to your savings during those market dips, so when the market recovers, you can be even better positioned for growth. I have expressed some concerns about the possibility of an EPS growth scare. While the concerns that Bradley expresses are very real, timing is uncertain and the theme of the essay is ”this will end in tears”. I agree 100%. I have already expressed my concerns over valuation.


Over the past two years, the move in the boutiques market has largely been driven by rising valuations. This model assumes you buy a home and pay it off, because this is something I’d personally prefer to do over getting a mortgage. I plan to buy SIRI again when it closes back above $1.00. Beyond the U.S., other governments and the World Health Organization, which aims to buy doses for poor countries, will have to separately decide if and when vaccines should be rolled out broadly. Price-to-earnings multiples have gone from below historical averages (low teens) to above (mid to high teens). There is also lots of room for a pick-up in capital spending that has been uniquely low in this recovery, and I use the word “uniquely” in its old-fashioned sense, for such a slow recovery in capital spending has never, ever occurred before. There might be a downgrade coming tomorrow so buyer beware.


Advisory services from the stock brokerage company might help. This company has built up a strong COVID news profile and this has bled into its technical setup. Tilray investors have been keen on the news. You will move around the stock every day, so you need to have a quick and agile system to find any product and it must be well maintained, of course. Popcorn and oatmeal are inexpensive grain options, and nonfat dry milk is a cheap source of dairy and great to have on hand – you just mix it up when you need it. We had a great rally, but things are still grim out there, you have to be cautious! It will cost $25,000 plus another $3,000 to have it painted in the company’s characteristic floral motif. There are massive reserves of labor in the official unemployment plus room for perhaps a 2% increase in labor participation rates as discouraged workers potentially get drawn into the workforce by steady growth in the economy.